[“Do I have to book in advance?”]As we are growing every year its becoming better to book online if you can. Once your dog has been assessed you can book them in at any time.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What will happen if I am late picking up my dog?”]Please let us know if you think you are gong to be late. There is a late charge of £5 between 7pm – 7.30pm and then a further £5 between 7.30 – 8pm. If needed we can feed your dog with Natural Instinct Raw Dog Food or LIlly’s Kitchen if you wish.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Is there a discount if I come regularly?.”]Yes. We offer a 10% discount if your buy 10  or 20 full day visits in advance. You can then use these  credits at your convenience.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”When is day care open?.”]We are open Monday to Saturday, 7am – 7pm. .[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What will my dog do in day care?”] Lots! When the dogs arrive for day care they are separated by age, size and temperament. They may be given some quiet time to calm down or go straight into a play area. In the mornings the dogs spend a lot of time meeting and greeting each other. They play chase, bump, hide and seek and tag together. As they day wears on dogs can be taken out for some intensive training in lead work or basic manners. Whilst in the play areas the care team set up different activities to stimulate and teach the dogs. These activities can be hide and seek for treats, group training tasks, learning new skills, introduction to some agility toys, negotiating a circuit in a specific order or just chasing bubbles! Your dog will also have regular down times (10.30 -11, 3.30 – 4).  Some dogs are taken to a quieter space if they cant settle in the group. For the younger and older pack members there is often more rest time which might include some dozing and inspecting new customers in reception or a sleep cabin![/accordion]

[accordion title=”How do the dogs get on and do they fight?”]To be accepted into day care each dog is very carefully assessed. We check how the dog is with people and with other dogs. We try to find out as much as we can about the dogs history and to know what might stress it. If accepted, your dog is then very slowly and carefully integrated into the day care group. All our paid day care team have first aid qualifications and most have a high level of qualification. Each staff member goes through a rigorous induction and is encouraged to continue their professional development. Our core staff have been with us almost from the beginning and get to know each dog very well. If, in the very rare instance there is a fight, the staff are trained to move in fast and reduce the impact.

We use a ‘time out’ system for naughty or grumpy dogs. The following is from our staff manual.

Time outs are as a punishment are short – not more than 5 minutes. However, if the dog is tired and needs to calm down it can stay longer. Make sure the dog has access to water and a blanket to lie on.

To put a dog in time out:

  1. Say ‘time out’, nothing else as a warning
  2. If bad behaviour persists say ‘time out ‘again and put it in the time out space – be gentle but firm
  3. Ignore the dog whilst it is in the space
  4. When bringing to dog out make sure it sits down before it exits back into the play space
  5. Keep an eye on the dog to make sure it is behaving.
  6. If the problem recurs then repeat the process above

For an aggressive attack which is extremely rare the owner will be informed straight away and the dog may be separated for longer. It depends on the nature of the event but the dog may be excluded from day care immediately or put on a ‘warning’.

The day book is open for inspection at any time. However, it should be remembered that dogs are not always predictable, despite our best intentions accidents do  happen.  Dog play is energetic and can result in scratches, bites and somewhat smelly dogs.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Can I watch my dog in day care?”]We have an open door policy so as long as it is not going to upset the dogs you can peek in through the viewing windows. Customers get regular email reports on their dogs day, which may be a photo or video. We also take video of the dogs and regularly post images on facebook.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Can Unleashed take puppies and young dogs?”]Yes, once they have had their second injection they can come to day care. We have a specific area for the younger guests.They are on a different program to the older dogs in that they are only in the main play areas for short periods of time. For periods of time we sometimes match them up with calm older dogs which helps them learn their dog manners and they have peers to run around and have fun with. They have beds in the reception and grooming areas where they can rest up, and be with people. We also use the upstairs lounge area for the puppies and young dogs.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Do I need to bring in food for my dog”]Unleashed will accommodate whatever feeding requirements you have. Most of our dogs do not require feeding during the day. Some puppies however are on a lunch routine. If you want your dog fed during their stay, simply bring the food with you and we will feed according to your instructions.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Do I needs to bring toys or bedding?”]No, Unleashed is a group play environment and your dog will have access to appropriate toys and bedding during the day.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Does my dog have to be vaccinated for kennel cough?”]No, we don’t demand this but we do recommend it. Kennel Cough is very contagious. It is both surface and air borne and is very prevalent at different times of the year. There are many strains of kennel cough that the vaccine doesn’t protect against but it does help relieve the symptoms of your dog gets it.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Does my dog have to be neutered?”]No. Once your dog has been assessed you can drop them off at any time.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Does my do have to be neutered or spayed?”]Generally we don’t take dogs over a year old that have not been neutered or spayed.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Can you take my dog if she is in season?”]No. Unleashed can also not take responsibility if your dog becomes pregnant in our care. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”What if my dog is sick or injured?”]Firstly the day care staff are always on the look out for your dog’s health. Any sign of upset tummies, infections, odd behaviour, coughs etc are logged in the day book and the owner is informed on pick up.