16996118_1197454160371015_5635051341612753026_nDog Training At Unleashed

  • puppy training
  • older dog training
  • one to one training and behavioural sessions
  • support, advice and guidance

Classes are run by Black & White Dog Training company owned by Nina Bohm, ADip CBM.  Nina has 12 years experience training dogs and is qualified in canine behaviour.  She has  four dogs; two retired terriers, an unknown little crossbreed who has competed at agility at Crufts with her husband, and a working sheepdog who competes at grade 6 Kennel club and champ at UK agility.

FUN Obedience with Agility foundation 

Wednesday or Thursday NIGHTS

The fun obedience with agility foundation classes are indoors and combine obedience with stimulating games and exercises. They are ideal classes for owners who want to improve obedience through learning and motivational activities. Dogs are introduced to agility activities which include:

  • start line step ups
  • learning left and right
  • successful recall
  • walking backwards
  • much more


The methodology is based on positive reinforcement and are a great stepping stone to future agility classes. Families welcome. Achievement certificate at the end.


Costs: £60 for 6 x 1 hour classes. Max 6 dogs per class.  Classes starting;

Wednesday 7th June  – 

7 pm                       Beginners Level 1                             Suitable for dogs with previous basic training

8 pm                      Advanced                                           Includes  cone work, temptation alley and skate boarding.

Thursday 8th June (Six weeks)090413RachaelKiefer

6 pm                      Beginners                                      From 6 months

7 pm                      Beginners                                      From 6 months

8 pm                      Novice                                           Suitable for dogs with previous basic training

Wednesday 23rd August(Six weeks)

7.30 pm               Advanced

Thursday  24th August(Six weeks)

7.30 pm               Beginners

8.30 pm               Novice


RECALL WORKSHOP  Friday 23rd June   7.30 – 9pm  £20

Learn and practice skills to successfully recall your dog even when they are distracted by other things going on
PLAY AND INTERACTION WORKSHOP   Friday 14th July   7.30 – 9pm   £20
Learn fun games to play with your dog in order to build strong bonds with them.
 *** £30 if both workshops booked together.
TRICK TRAINING Fri 4th and Fri 25th August 6- 7.30pm 
 Learn how to teach your dogs some impressive tricks to perform for your friends! Tricks include ‘hands up and bang’, ‘roll over’, ‘look ashamed’, ‘hold it’, ‘crawl’, ’round the legs’, ‘through hoop arms’ and many more! Handlers must have had some previous basic obedience training
£20 per session or £30 for both.
Junior handlers welcome accompanied an adult.
HEEL WORKSHOP – Wed 19th July 7.30-9 pm (3 weeks)
Learn how to stop your dog from pulling on the lead when out on walks and some basic heal work to music moves. Suitable for all dogs and puppies who have completed all their vaccinations.
£45 for three weeks
Clicker training –  Thurs 20th July  7.30-9 pm  (3 weeks)
Learn how to successfully train your dog using a clicker. Includes all kinds of obedience training, how to use the clicker in everyday living and some tricks. Suitable for all dogs and puppies who have completed all their vaccinations.
£45 for three weeks

puppy class and puppy play parties 


Puppy Class

A 6 week class for puppies.  Learning the basics of good manners, developing confidence and acquiring lots of new skills. Learning is in small groups and based on positive methodology.  The course includes play time, learning recall and fun exercises.

Wednesday 7th June         6pm – 7pm   6 weeks   £60

Wednesday 23 August      6pm – 7pm   6 weeks   £60


PUPPY play parties

Build your dog’s confidence, socials skills and have fun learning and playing in puppy play groups

  • Friday May 12 & 19th       7pm – 8pm

£20 for two classes



Classes held at Unleashed Dog Day Care & Grooming 32a Teville Rd, Worthing, BN11 1UG

Contact to book: and for more information: Nina Bohm 07949131456   hello@blackandwhitedogtraining.com