Full dog Grooming

At Unleashed, we pride ourselves on professional, personalised dog grooming that results in happy, relaxed dogs and happy, relaxed owners.
Your dog will leave his or her groom looking and feeling, looking and smelling great, and our flexible drop-off and pick-up policy means it will be a relaxing experience for you too.  We offer a full groom services which includes:

  • spa bath, shampoo and blow dry
  • brush out and clip or handstrip
  • nails trim and ear clean

We also offer:

  • bum and face trims
  • walk in nail trims
  • puppy grooms – a gentle introduction to grooming
  • flea and tic removal
  • grooming advice and support

Happy Puppy First Grooms2015-02-28 11.23.45-2

A puppy’s first groom is probably the most important one. If they have a bad experience they will dread every future groom.  Puppy grooms always get lots of hugs, treats and time so that the dogs can get used to the noise and area.  The first groom is just a gentle and short introduction to the grooming experience.

Puppy Nails – Free

Young puppies have tiny sharp nails which scratch everyone including themselves!  Bring your puppy and Chloe will gently remove the sharp points. We will show you around too.

Is your dog nervous/anxious about being Nervous dogsgroomed?

At Unleashed we have noticed that dogs who are familiar with the groom room and play areas are more relaxed than those dogs who come in for the first time and go straight into grooming. So, if you have an anxious dog who needs a groom we are offering two hours free play at Unleashed. Your dog will have the freedom to run around and play in the groom area, get some treats and lots of cuddles. Then the next time you bring your dog for grooming it will be a much happier, easier and relaxed experience. This offer is open to all first time groom dogs.

WALK IN DOG WASH – No appointments


(Subject to dog washer availability)

dirty dog

If your dog has rolled in lovely mud, fox poo, dead fish or some equally stinky substance that you really don’t want in your home then drop by. The price includes a warm wash with quality products and a blast dry which removes the water and loose hair. The dog will be damp but near dry. A full dry service is also available on request.  Wash Offer open from 8 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 8 am – 2 pm. You can combine a brush out with a walk in dog wash.  Booking not necessary.

Small dog     £7.50          Medium     £9.40

Large          £11.00          XL             £15.00



(Subject to dog washer availability)

Save your dog matting between grooms with a 30 minute coat brush out.  Idea for our more hairy  friends who tend to get easily matted.  You can combine a brush out with a walk in dog wash.

Small dog     £5              Medium     £10

Large          £12.50         XL             £15.00

Full Groom & Day CAre Play Package

You can book a play and groom package which allows you to drop your dog in any time from 7 am and pick up before 7 pm.  Your dog will have great fun in day care and then be groomed as near as we can to the pick up time. It does mean that you dog won’t be hair perfect but you can be sure to pick up a happy, tired and smarter dog! The price is just £10 on top of the groom price for 6 hours of day care.