Dog day care

Are you tired of leaving you dog alone while you go to work or out for the day?
Unleashed dog day care is a playgroup for dogs where they can enjoy play with other dogs in a safe environment. It’s designed for busy people who are looking for high-quality dog care for their pooches, and who hate feeling guilty about leaving their dog home alone. We are conveniently located in central Worthing, in a specially adapted building.

With four, large, different playrooms, all dogs are matched with their equals in size and energy, to make sure they all enjoy a fun, safe and stimulating day. Watch Day Care In Action. To get your dog started at dog day care, please fill in our Application Form.


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    Instead of being left home alone your dog gets to have fun, playing with other dogs and the care team. Your dog grows in confidence from socialising and playing with other dogs, which helps them to be all-round happier hounds. They get hours of physical of exercise and mental stimulation, and burn off lots of energy.
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    Your dog benefits from the combination of social interaction, physical exercise and mental stimulation. This helps prevent boredom and anxiety driven behaviour, such as whining and barking when alone in the house, or destructiveness. Your dog is happier and more confident because he or she isn’t spending long amounts of time alone, and because they become used to socialising with other dogs. Your dogs’ health and fitness levels benefit, as dogs burn off a lot of energy playing at dog day care. Watch this short video of Athy and Poppy when they hear they are coming to Unleashed.  Video 25-03-2017 You save time on walking your dog as in one session at dog day care, your dog gets the equivalent of up to two days of normal exercise. This means that you will not need to walk your dog that day, and the next day your dog will require less exercise. This is ideal if you have a busy life and find it hard to find time to walk your dog during the week. It is also more effective and fun than having your dog walked for a short period once a day. You don’t have to feel guilty about leaving your dog alone! You can go to work or out for the day, knowing that your dog is enjoying themselves in a safe environment, and that you will pick up a happy, tired-out pooch at the end of the day.
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    We offer a range of flexible options to suit your lifestyle and budget. We know that all our customers and their dogs have different needs, so we are happy for your dog to come as often or a little as works for you. We are open from Monday to Saturday from 7am to 7pm. Your dog can join us for a whole day, half day (6 hours) or for a two hour slot of day care. If you would like to combine a whole or half day of dog day care with a dog grooming session, please let us know in advance. To see our prices and fill in a booking form, please click here.
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    To get started, either fill in our online application form and book an assessment, or call us on 01903 211468 to talk to a member of staff. We will review your dog’s information, and arrange a time for your dog to come in for their first day care session. You are very welcome to come in and look around our premises before your dog comes to day care. Please call us on 01903 211468 or email to arrange an appointment.
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    Review of: Unleashed Dog Day Care Reviewed by June and John Mears on June 14th 2012 “We took our Yorkshire puppy 8 months called Lola yesterday for the morning. A real doggie heaven run by lovely people with safety and welfare of the dogs in mind. Lots of room and toys and lots of stimulation. We will certainly take her again. Ideal for people working all day, or half day or just to take sometimes.” Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. Review of: Unleashed Dog Day Care Reviewed by Karen Hall on June 13th 2012 “I took my 3 hooligans for a trial and they had a whale of a time, playing with the other dogs, and generally running around with the staff. This will be a regular place to take my energetic collie just to wear him out.” Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.