Hotel Hours 

We have some availability for New Years Eve (31 & 1st Jan).  If you have emergency we can  wiggle up and squeeze another one over the festive period.

Day Care Hours

Open        Saturday     23 December

Closed      Sunday         24,  Monday 25,  Tuesday 26

Open         Wednesday 27, Thursday 28, Friday 29, Saturday 30

Closed        Sunday 31, Monday 01

Gift ideas

We can create grooming, food and day care gift vouchers which make super gifts. Just tell Reception what you would like and we will create it for you!

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Sunday November 5th, 7 – 10pm  Dog-Scared-of-Fireworks

£15 per dog.  £25 for two dogs from same house

Please book in Advance.

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We are now offering late night dog grooming on Thursday nights – open until 9.30. Play and groom options available.

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Our sister company In The Raw is now offering free local delivery of raw dog and cat food for orders of 5kg +. Free delivery is to: BN11, 12, 13, 14 15 AND BN16. Order must be placed online at In the Raw. Remember that everyone at Unleashed is trained and knowledgeable about these amazing, super healthy and natural foods if you would like to discuss switching.Free dlivery

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Dogs Trust Classes at Unleashed

New training classes with Dogs Trust Dog School taking place at Unleashed Dog Daycare. 5 Week training courses for Puppies, Adult and Rescue dogs. For details please contact Dog School directly on 01273 466 977 or email Classes start Tuesday 12th September.
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Let your dog to try our fabulous, complete Raw Dog Food. It’s packed with amazingly healthy super foods and locally sourced, high quality human grade meat.  There is no filler, no wheat, chemicals or nasties of any kind.  Our dogs love it and are thriving on it.

As an enticement, for first time purchasers  we are offering a 5kg  mixed pack (10 x 500Gram packs) for just £15 and for the hot weather we are including two free, fabulous Fozzy’s – lickable dog yoghurt.  A saving of £8.20 The offer is for dogs, puppies and cats too!    Regular customers who buy over 5KG can pick up a free Fozzy too.

At Unleashed we have super new dogs scales so we can tell you exactly how much to feed your dog.  Everyone has been on Raw food training courses so are happy to help with information and support.  We have a full range of products including complete meals at different sizes, bones, healthy snacks.  We stock options for small dogs, large, old dogs and puppies.  We also have low purine foods for dogs with health issues.

The Nutriment Raw Food Starter Pack      

The Nutriment Raw Food Puppy Starter Pack 

The Nutriment Raw Food Cat Starter Pack ** We will need a weeks notice to supply a cat starter pack

Offer ends when the Fozzies run out!

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Getting your puppy on a raw diet is perhaps the best health investment you can make; both long and short term. It is of extreme importance to feed the correct nutrients in order to support healthy growth. 

For many, changing a puppy to a raw diet comes with questions; When can I feed a meaty bone? Why does my puppy not eat? Etc… Below we list some of the common queries our nutritional advisers at Nutriment deal with on a regular basis.




Puppies need a lot of food! We recommend feeding 6% of their current bodyweight. This means weigh your puppy regularly.

Always bear in mind that ALL puppies are different, some need more, some less so keep a close eye how your puppy is looking. Puppies shouldn’t carry excess weight but do need to have enough fat to allow for their growth spurts. Equally don’t keep your puppy too lean – you should not be seeing ribs.

Stay flexible and don’t fall in the trap of comparing your puppy to their littermates. All puppies are individuals and will grow at their own pace and size – like with humans it’s unlikely you grew exactly the same as your sibling or parents.



It’s a good idea to first let your puppy get accustomed to a raw minced diet first for a few weeks. After 2 – 3 weeks of having been fed, for example our puppy formula, start thinking of trying a chicken wing. Always supervise when you give meaty bones of any kind. Sometimes it can help to hold the wing whilst your puppy can chew it gently. It is best to follow this up with a boneless meal, for example some Beef formula.



Our puppy food is for young puppies from 6 weeks. We also have a Weaning Paste for 3-6weeks. Our puppy formula is ground finely. At around 3 months we recommend you start introducing new proteins eg Turkey formula, Beef Formula and Lamb Formula (click here for the range).

As with any change, do it slowly – mix some of the Puppy food with the food you are introducing initially.



This generally can happen when puppies are teething, self regulating or going through hormonal changes.

When puppies are teething it can be a good idea to offer food a little sloppier by adding luke warm water to the food. This also releases the smells and flavours more without cooking away any nutrients.

If your puppy is in the phase of needing to really chomp then offering food frozen in a stuffable toy is a brilliant way to feed. Another idea is to make to make bone broth from our marrow bones and soak an old tea towel in it, wring it out, tie a knot, freeze and serve frozen – so they can mouth it, cooling their gums.

Self-regulating; many dogs will start to self-regulate around 5-6 months. This is when you will want to drop 3 meals times to 2. Many will indicate this by not eating a third meal.

Finally all dogs go through hormonal changes; for bitches this is around the 6 months and for dogs around 8th months. It’s quite common for dogs to go off their food during this age. You can make food a bit more appealing with a little bone broth (we have recipes here).

Read our “Fussy Eaters” article with further hints and tips.



Once your puppy is no longer growing in height that’s when you slowly reduce the food and start feeding your puppy as an adult, which is around 2-3%.

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Just a reminder that normal day care is closed. We do have one or two spaces with the hotel residents if you need care.Just let us know so we can make the reservation for youBank holiday closed

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At Unleashed we want to make sure we stock the best. Some of the care team went to visit Wolf Tucker raw dog food and were very IMPRESSED. It’s based in Chichester, uses all local produce and is absolutely top 18010792_1399266003493643_7401239298377266670_ngrade for your dog. All the day care team have been on training courses about whole raw meals so don’t hesitate to test them. We are stocking this food because our dogs love it and it is the best you can feed your dog!

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